Finding inspiration at the intersection of the beautiful & the beastiful.
beastiful (beast-i-ful) /ˈbēstēfəl/ adj.
  • the unpredictable spark between the beastly and the beautiful.

  • a lovably ugly creature.

  • a captivating alchemy of the attractive and repulsive.

What's the story, morning glory?
Kristen Toscano Messina
Designer, Maker, Mom

An artist and a designer, I left a fancy pants career as a set decorator of high-profile Hollywood movies for a new creative pursuit, motherhood. Having a child reconnected me with the joy of making and rekindled the creative themes that have inspired me throughout my life.  From frozen lychee eyeballs to cuddly stuffed piranhas & turkey vulture costumes, my son & I share a fascination with the weird and wonderful.  While it all started with me making things for him, he is now a maker in his own right. We live in Venice Beach, California with his dad and two cannibalistic hermit crabs. (R.I.P. "Flash")


We are just getting started, but there's more to come!

The Beastie Lab is preparing to launch Zipzoo, a line of children's backpacks & lunch bags in Spring 2018.