Gift Idea: Kids Art Mugs

This has become something of a holiday tradition around here. Yes, grandparents and other close loved ones may be eager to stare at your kid's cute face when they are drinking their morning coffee, but face it, you gotta really love that kid to want to see him first thing every day. It's a gift with limited appeal and I think it's a little tired. Here's a fresh idea. Scan a drawing, painting or cute note from your kid and have that printed on a ceramic mug, water bottle or travel cup. Who wouldn't smile at that? It's sweet, cheerful and amusing and makes a good gift even for family and friends who might not appreciate your child's mug on a mug.

Many companies will print them for you and ship them out within a couple of days. They are usually on sale so you can expect to spend as little as $5 or as much as $20 (plus tax and shipping). I have used Zazzle and Snapfish and Shutterfly. They all have easy to use online editors and I have been happy with all the mugs I have ordered. I will mention that Zazzle has been super picky about the subject matter of the images and will reject anything they deem to be offensive or copyright protected so if your kid draws a Pokemon or Star Wars character and they recognize it, they will reject it. And if he draws a zombie santa with blood coming out of his eyes, they will reject that too. (Don't judge.) Haven't had an issue with the others. Here are some links: Snapfish, Shutterfly,


(Zazzle rejected this one as "offensive" subject matter. I guess the kid inherited his parents dark sense of humor.)

(But Shutterfly had not problem with it! Ok. this one was just for dad and a couple very special friends. Pretty sure the grandparents wouldn't have appreciated it.

We have a whole cabinet full of them! Let me know how yours turn out!

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