Bird Dog? Happy Dog-O-Ween!

Every year there is a canine costume party called "Dog-O-Ween" near our home in Venice Beach (I suspect it's partly why my son wanted a dog so badly.). So, of course, our new dog , Pickles, will be in costume celebrating it this year. We contemplated a namesake giant pickle costume, but in the end, we thought about what he would want to be if he were choosing and since his biggest obsession is birds -more specifically, chasing them- and living near the beach that means seagulls, we decided he should wear a seagull costume. Its kind of a cruel joke in a way, I suppose. The predator as prey? Hmmm. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach but maybe he could pass as a bird and sneak past the lifeguards?

I made this with some fake fur and foam and attached it to his harness with velcro.

#halloweencostumes #plushbeasts #cuddlybeast #stuffedanimals #holidays #creepythings #beasts #plush #crafts #birds

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